(ISC)² Bangalore Chapter Welcomes you

The (ISC)2 vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world expands the (ISC)2 mission and demonstrates its commitment to continue supporting and providing members and constituents with credentials, resources, and leadership to secure information and deliver value to society. (ISC)2 takes pride in their reputation built on trust, integrity, and professionalism, and are proud of its membership – an elite network of nearly 90,000 certified industry professionals worldwide.
Through the (ISC)2 Bangalore Chapter Program, we aim to strengthen the information security professional community across Karnataka, India through collaboration, education, networking and mentoring. The programs undertaken by the Chapter will not only focus on the (ISC)2 credential holders but also all those people of the state and hence the nation to build a secured cyber community . The programs of (ISC)2 Bangalore Chapter will provide members and non-members alike an opportunity to share knowledge, grow professionally, raise security awareness and advance information security in local communities and around the nation..

Be a part of the family!

We would like to welcome all IT professionals to be a part of an exciting group of professionals who are interested in discussing various current topics in Information/Cyber security, attend f our meetings, programs, seminars and workshops to meet the chapter experts and learn who we are and how you can be a part of this elite family.
We welcome all (ISC)2 credential holders to attend one of our meetings, programs, seminars and workshops or upcoming educational conferences to learn from industry experts, network with your peers, and earn CPE credits! For a full list and details of upcoming events, visit our Events page regularly.